Maroon 5 cover Billboard magazine

The only member of the group anybody wants to be seeing is Adam Levine. Them other guys may as well have their faces mosaicked.

It's great to see Maroon 5 are getting mileage on their promotional wagon for their upcoming release Hands all over. I did not give a flying piece of shit about their last two albums. But since "Misery" dropped, I've been checking for these guys.

They've made two great choices for singles and are putting in some good live performances. Hopefully it will pay off and see them achieve a nice first week of sales. Although if Katy Perry manages to keep the momentum up and drop another single between now and September 21, they may have trouble budging her shit. Then of course you have Eminem, whose Recovery album don't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. But you never know...


  1. Still need to pre-order Hands All Over. I really love "Give A Little More".


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