Music video: 2NE1 - Clap your hands

I see YG entertainment be running that mileage with the alleyway set. The same one that they had 2NE1 use for their "Fire" video, Taeyang's "Where U at" video, and then loaned to Hyuna for her "Change" video. The K-Pop scene is ozone friendly, because they be recycling f**king everything.

This video was dry. We've seen here what we've seen in 2NE1's "Fire" video and near enough every other K-group's music videos over the past 18 months. The girls all looked hot. Especially Dara, who always looks so damn good in photos and videos that I don't know whether to love her or slap the bitch. Bom was looking fly with the red hair, but as always; she was like wallpaper in this video. She got zero shine in the jungle setup. Zero. I'm waiting on that "Can't nobody" video.

And I hate the song. I think it's garbage.


  1. OMG these bitches WORK, i never even payed attention to them before but this is fire.
    CL doing her rap was so amazing lol


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