Music video: Ayumi Hamasaki - Crossroad

The song is okay. The video was boring. Watching Ayumi set herself on fire seems more fun on paper than it came off in the music video. Could she have not danced or slow ground on the floor as the flames engulfed her!? And no, I don't care that this "Crossroad" song is a ballad. Ain't no song too slow for a slow grind in my book.

I was never hot on Ayumi Hamasaki back in the day. And even now, I have moments when I seriously can't stand her. But her music videos back when were so much better than what she's put out for at least her past four albums. Even though I felt the songs often sucked, I always dug the music videos because they had more put into them than most other acts in the J-scene, and rivalled Western videos in terms of scopes and budgets. Ayumi needs to throw it back. She tried to do as such with the hair; but that shit is not enough. I want Ayumi to start going overblown with the videos again.


  1. I have to admit that i actually love this song and i've been playing it over & over.
    I'd only heard the 2 minute clip posted on her youtube (why are all her vids cut down to 2 minutes?!) and actually thought the clip was great, although it was just her sat in a room playing with matches it seemed quite eerie in a way.
    This is the first time i heard the full song and saw the full video, the song i still love although the guitars where unnecisary but the catching on fire thing was boring, it would have been better if she'd just walked around the room looking at photo's or something.

    Although i kind of liked this video i agree that she needs to go back to the big video's, if the video for "L" isn't big (or bigger) than Ayu sat in a room (AKA "Moon" & "Crossroad") then i'm gonna say with Kumi's recent walking down a street, walking round a house masterpieces that Avex is having financial troubles because you know if Ayu isn't getting the budget nobody is.


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