Music video: BoA - Hurricane Venus

BoA looks so hot she could melt an ice cap faster than CO₂ emissions. And there were sections of the choreography where BoA was doing the damn thing. But on the whole, this music video was whack. I think BoA had one too many looks; the best of which weren't shown enough.

Less should have been more with this video. I liked the concept of BoA being this untouchable princess to be protected from an army of dick. But it could have been incorporated better. Two strong looks with fly sets for the dance sequences would have been enough. But the video kept cutting between one too many things, and it felt like too much for me.

There is nothing to this video to make me want to watch it again, and I still can't stand the song. "Game" all the way. Better song and a better video.


  1. The MV only just came out? Isn't the album been out for weeks now? I dunno...I loose track of these things 'cos they either happen so fast or so long after that you forget about them!


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