Music video: JoJo - In the dark

Well looky here... JoJo's grown into a hot young woman, and has managed to drop a tasteful video about f**king some man in the dark. The only thing which I felt spoilt the video momentarily were the shots of the dude with 'SEX' scrawled across his chest. Between the lyrics of the song and the sensuality in the video, I think everybody and their living room plant could gather what the song was about without having it literally spelt out across some dudes chest; regardless of how well defined a chest it is. I felt it tackied up the video a little. But on the whole, this was a really well put together video which matched the song perfectly.

JoJo's put more into a damn mixtape than other bitches put into albums for retail. Hopefully the overwhelming response will spur her label to actually do something.



    JoJo pulled it off! the whole video was amazing and JoJo and the guy looked hot.
    I didn't really mind the "sex" thing and wasn't it spelt backwards like a mirror reflection?
    It helped with the eerie vibe this vid gave off. The only thing i would change is bringing in the chair scene sooner but overall it's hot.

    p.s i listened to that with my headphones in, the bass was like BAM, so amazing.

    p.p.s you gotta review the mixtape soon! ^_^

  2. I agree with FUTURESTARdelux. You've gotta review that mixtape. Greatest combination of songs since ArchAndroid and Sir Lucious.


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