Music video: Kelly Rowland - Rose coloured glasses

Kelly could not have looked any hotter in this video. But the video itself was boring. I'd only watch it again to see it in 3D. Christopher Rankin has done better jobs than this in the past. Namely Sky Ferreria's "One"; which managed to capture high fashion, the tone of the song and pop visually in nice doses. Where-as his work on "Rose coloured glasses" had Kelly look stunning, and not much else.

I still can't stand the song neither. I can't believe Kelly worked with Dr. Luke and let him give her this dreary, outdated sounding crap instead of something with a serious beat and a catchy hook on it. Dr. Luke seems to give black chicks the boring crap none of the white girls want. Because he did Ciara the same with "Tell me what your name is" from Fantasy ride.


  1. The outfits and the set are very pretty and doesn't look cheap.

    But overall boring.

    I wished they played more with the CGI effects, the scenes where the butterflies appear looked so Goddess-like. THe use of mist for that "wet" look was cool too.

    The pacing and just the overall presentation was lacking.

    The song didn't help much either.

    I think a music video with a typical romance/drama storyline would've helped tons instead of glamour shots.

  2. I actually like the video, i think there could have been more interaction with the guy like when we saw the clip of her making this and she smashed the vase on his head but that wasn't in the vid.
    I think it'll look better in 3D if that ever comes out... (lookin at you BoA).
    Also i don't know why so many people hate on this song? i like it and it's telling a real story instead of just narating a pissed up night out.

    p.s did anybody else spend the whole time waiting for her boobs to fall out? LOL


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