Music video: Khalil - Girlfriend ringtone

With Chris Brown's career still on trial, Def Jam have seen an opening to throw a new light skinned boy into the music game. And they seem to think recycling a song from Sean Garrett's debut album will do the trick. Many might not even know that Sean Garrett recorded this song for himself and that it featured on his debut album which only sold 5 copies, but I do: because this was one of the few songs on it that I thought was hot. Khalil sounds good on it, but I prefer Sean Garrett's version because it featured a hot (if a little vocally challenged) verse from Lil' Wayne.

I hope Khalil is prepared for Def Jam to shit on him when them singles don't blow up and the album sales don't project correctly. L.A Reid made no qualms about road blocking Janet and Mariah's albums and them bitches is game veterans with platinum albums in the Fendi.

Oh. And the video is dry too.


  1. OMG, it's like you're in my freekin' head!!! That was my whole beef with him and this song. He's a wannabe Breezy, the song was hotter with Weezy, and remaking a song for a "clearly better looking" newcomer is just too easy. The whole thing's sleazy LOL. He'll be a flop by three days ago.


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