Music video: Kylie Minogue - Get outta my way

Kylie looked great. The lighting and the projection effects were spot on. But the one and only thing that kept me wearing my "Hmmm...." face throughout the video was that there wasn't more dancing. I know Kylie's not the best of dancers. And I was never expecting her to throw down like Ciara once the chorus kicked in. But a stronger routine for the chorus aside from stepping from side to side would have made this video so much better. The chorus is so big and commands that you move, so it's a shame Kylie never did as such in the video. The end result is still a good 'un though. And even if the video ended up being whack, the chorus on the song still owns.

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  1. j, how you gon play ya girl kylie like that?! now i was all about seeing her really dance her butt of in this video too, but i felt she really redeemed herself with those lighting, projection efeects, and just lookin mad hot! who else could have pulled off the light gloves, gold bustier dress and walking up long ramps with hordes of men?! nobody (except maybe beyonce, and i emphasize maybe). the small amount of dancing wasn't that bad compared to the luxuriousness of the whole thing - imagine what that must have cost! i thought it fit the song perfectly!

  2. I don't think J was to hard at all actually.
    The video is amazing, the concept and look are great and Kylie looks SO hot, i think she looks better with a tan too.
    I think there could have been a bit more dancing it's like they incorporated some of the dance from America's got tallent but left the rest out and put the little sidestep bit in when the AGT one was better.
    Having said that though the video is still fantastic and this song is gonna be Kylie's 8th No1 i just know it lol

    P.S Beyonce walking up ramps with hordes of men wouldn't work, B woud make it trashy lol

  3. kylie kylie she just so damn hot but i was expecting more.
    i was expecting her to be pusshing dudes out the was hitting the dance floor camera zoomin up her 100m legs .... but the video is wicked cant wait for her tour ^^

  4. @ Bryan
    I'm just being real. The lighting and projection effects were awesome, and Kylie looked great. But there was NOT enough dancing for a song with a chorus that calls for some serious movement. Even if Kylie just swung her head about the place like a maniac for 30 seconds it would have sufficed - but she barely moved. Everything was hot except for the choreography which bordered on being a joke - because she danced more in her live performances of the song. And the shallow water set-up at the end was a missed opportunity too: I wanted to see Kylie on them knees getting wetted out.


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