Music video: Ne-Yo - One in a million

I see Ne-Yo is still playing jump rope with the ghost of Michael Jackson. He's gone from paying homage and channelling Michael to straight up ripping the dude off within the space of two albums. I thought Year of the gentleman's "Back to what you know" was some Michael stank. But "One in a million" (both the song and video) is Michael right down to the n***a's grave.

The song was good despite it not being great, and being anything but a departure for Ne-Yo. But the video was some bullshit. It was like a cross between "Stay with me", Leona Lewis' "Forgive me" and (it goes without evens aying, but I'mma say it anyway) Michael's "The way you make me feel". And what is up with the nasty special effects!? Can't Ne-Yo afford to pay somebody to work some better magic with Adobe After effects!?