Music video: Rihanna - Who's that chick

Bitch has a video out for a new song that isn't "Only girl (in the world)" already!?

I like the song, and the video is hot too. But it's a shame The Forehead can't step a lick, because her dropping some moves would have made this video pop a little more. But video looking like it was shot on Mario Kart's Rainbow road did a nice job of distracting from The Forehead's lack of locking down moves. She should have just done a "Rude boy" and whined her shit out like her career depended on it.

I'm not sure what's going on. But Def Jam need to be really careful. This whole drop a video for a buzz song which isn't the lead single to build anticipation crap backfired for Rated R - because it caused confusion as to whether the buzz single or the official lead single was in fact a single. There's some talk this might be from David Guetta's album, but I don't think it is - because he would have been all up in the video.

Loud! may fare better with this approach, because "Only girl (in the world)" and "Who's that chick" are both better songs than "Russian roulette" and "Wait your turn" were. But Def Jam still need to be careful. I think "Who's that chick" would have made a better official lead single myself, because it's more in the vein of "Rude boy" visually and musically - and this is what people want from The Forehead right now.


  1. This is actually a leak...Def Jam didn't want this to be out


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