Nicki Minaj's promo for the 2010 VMA's

That little girl looked mad like Nicki Minaj to the point it's almost uncanny!

This promo video was more interesting to watch than the "Massive attack" and "Your love" music videos.

I like Nicki Minaj (nearing love), but I can't say I'm looking forward to her VMA performance. Every live performance I've seen from Nicki has been rubbish. Her backing track and hype MC both do more than she does. And when she does open her mouth, she just shouts and sounds nothing like she does on the studio recorded songs.

I'd dig it if Nicki f**ked "Your love" for the VMA's and performed "Massive attack" instead, as the song has more impact and would do big things if performed rightly. But she'll probabaly just stand at the top of some stairs in a green weave with satin blowing behind her as she screeches her way through "Your love", whilst some dude runs up and down the stage in a 'Team Nicki' T-shirt shouting "Yeah!" and "Young money!".


  1. u do realise that shes only doin the preshow right lol

  2. Oh wow haha all her stans making out she's on the main show... smh
    Sorry but Nicki on a motorbike reminds me of Kim in th "Kimnotize" video o_O

    She'll be lame live anyway doesn't she mime? LOL
    the coment of the guy running up and down the stage shouting "young money" made me laugh :p

    The VMA's are so dry this year, the only reason i'm watching is to see Florence & the Machine and i heard that Ciara is performing too but i'm not sure if that's on the pre show or the main show, hopefully the main we all know cici needs promo lol.


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