Album art: Cheryl Cole - Messy little raindrops

This talentless tramp is set to release her new album this year. We can expect a new album from Cheryl every year and for it's release to coincide with The X-Factor each and every time.

Messy little raindrops' album cover looks a mess. Sure, Cheryl looks nice. But the whole thing looks like some B-side poster somebody ripped out of Smash hits magazine.

This woman has the musical talent of a parking ticket. It makes me gag that she has any form of solo career and that people actually buy her music, all the while there are artists with actual talent struggling to push units with perfectly solid albums.


FUTURESTARdelux said…
You had me with "This tallentless tramp" LOL
lilithdarkstorm said…
"This woman has the musical talent of a parking ticket"