Album art: Hikaru Utada - Single collection vol. 2

Well this is a dry arse album cover. But you gotta admire the consistency. Hikaru Utada's studio albums feature close-ups of her face, and the single collections feature no shot of her at all. It's almost a shame the shot of her in Shibuya wasn't used, because it was such a cool shot. The tracklist to Single collection vol. 2 is so damn good, that it could feature no cover at all (it pretty much doesn't anyway) and it wouldn't really matter.

This album is going to tear up the Oricon charts and set iTunes on fire like you would not believe. Hikaru fans know what time it is.


Junlee said…
Looks like somebody just took a picture of the sky at night. -_-
FUTURESTARdelux said…
LOL it seems "ok" when you look at the pic but on twitter Utada said looking at the pic doesn't do the cover justice so i dunno maybe the stars are all sparkly or something?
The Shibuya pic was awsome, maybe it's for the booklet.