Cheryl Cole performs "Promise this" on The X-Factor

With a new series of The X-Factor and Cheryl Cole returning as a judge, comes another album to coincide with it all; and of course a live performance from the talentless tramp herself.

Everybody in the Blogosphere and Twitterdom is going on about how great this performance was. But I fail to see the greatness of it. The performance was okay. Nothing more. Possibly less. Cheryl's vocals (pre-recorded or not) sounded okay. The dancing was okay. She looked okay. It was nothing special.

I'd love for the producers to get Nadine Coyle on the show to perform. She's not as hot as Cheryl, she can't move to save her life, and her single "Insatiable" is complete rubbish. But the girl can sing. Her vocals held Girls aloud's songs together.


RALPH said…
lilithdarkstorm said…
Meh. Song has grown on me but the performance was average. Although her outfit I can see being on sale in fancy dress shops next year, just like her solider outfit from her 'Fight for this Love' performance last year;