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J-Pop star Hikaru Utada and actress (and part-time singer) Kyoko Fukada are being pegged as a couple after being snapped drinking on several occasions within one of Japan's most notable gay districts in Shinjuku. Damn. Can't two chicks kick it, be friends and complete fag hags in gay bars? I personally think the pictures in Hikaru's Heart station album inlay had more weight to the lesbian rumours than this.

If Hikaru turned out to be a lesbian, I'd find it kinda cool. In fact, I think it'd just make her even cooler. Hikaru has continued to go against the grain of your bog standard J-Pop star, is an artist and genre unto herself, and has never really used her sexuality to push her music or further her career. So to come out as a lesbian would just have her as far removed from other bitches as you can get. Well, not really. Considering she'd like to kick it women.

I just wish if Hikaru was to roll with another woman, it'd be somebody other than Kyoko Fukada. She annoys the hell out of me. I'd love for her to go for Juri Ueno. Mainly because I think Juri looks a heck of alot like Hikaru at times, and it'd mean when I see photos of them together I get twice the understated sexy. But it's understandable why the two would be friends. They've both enjoyed long lasting careers and consistent popularity in their respective fields since a very young age.

If Hikaru Utada is a lesbian, congrats on the eventual come out. She'd drown in the liberation between coming out and not having to worry about her music career for a good while. If she isn't, then congrats on having a friend in the industry she feels comfortable enough to drink and chill with. It'll certainly make the music hiatus a bit more fun. I'm just glad Hikaru is enjoying herself. And if part of enjoying herself is sexing women, then go geddit gurl! Take a dip in the river poon.

Fukada Kyoko and Utada Hikaru in love @ あらま they didn't!


  1. LOL this is so funny, i know loads of girls that are straight and go to gay bars it doesn't mean anything usually.
    The press just seem to think if you got to a gay bar or hang with a gay person your gay.
    Did you hear that Samantha Ronson went to XTina's house after she announced the split with her husband and everybody started saying they were getting divorced because XTina was cheating with Sam? LMAOOOOOO

    But anyway even if Utada was a lesbian i wouldn't care to me she's not even like a person she's like some omnipotent musical being lol

    Imagine Utada & Kumi? LOLLLL that would be mad.

  2. Loving the pic J! But yeah, don't care if she's a lesbian or not, as long as she's happy and healthy.

    Also, loving the news from UBlog that the 'In the Flesh' tour is coming out on DVD/itunes

  3. @J - i hope that's not true, if only for your sake. if it is, your dreams of being her baby's daddy are smashed against the rocky shore of Kumano-nada honey! :( and you're a damn fool for that pic! LMAO!

    really now...come on...she announces a break and drops an album soon and the japanese media starts reaching for far-flung fables?! i guess...almost as bad as in the states...

    i can't really see utada being a vagitarian. i wholeheartedly agree with futurestar, make music like she does and everything else goes out the window.

  4. Ever heard of bisexuality? This is, when a person is attracted to both genders, be it equally or with a preference for one gender.
    Other than this, I think it's the best for Utada to decide for herself with which person to be, regardless of gender. Your whole "Oh my god she should never be having this person as a GF rather that one who's really nice and cool and I love her so they should be together." yeah, I rephrased it in a polemic way, but that's basically what you said.


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