Janelle Monàe performs "Faster" on Later... with Jools Holland

Janelle made an appearance on Jools Holland where she pretty much mesmerized the crowd, despite not being on her best form. Interestingly, she performed "Faster" and not "Tightrope" or "Cold war". A possible UK single release? I f**king hope so! It has the potential to go number 1 over here if Janelle promotes it. Especially with the Christmas run-up already beginning, the song having a very 60's and almost festive like quality to it, and the whole damn thing sounding like it should feature in a TV commercial.

"Faster" is one of my favourite songs off of The Archandroid. It was love on a first listen. This performance of it was decent. But Androids know Janelle is capable of much better than this. Word is that Janelle had a sore throat, which explains the slight strain in her voice, the lack of projection, and possibly why she cut the bridge section where she pushes the vocals. Still...this was a good performance. And its nice to see and hear Janelle perform something other than "Tightrope".


  1. It definitely sounded like she had something wrong with her voice, which is probably why she was singing "Faster" in the first place. That bridge is amazing, so it's a shame she couldn't break it down like we know she can.

    She still sounded OK and got down!


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