Justin and the 3rd studio album

Justin has been asked a lot about when he plans to record a new album, given that it's already been 4 years (4 years!! Can you believe it!?) since FutureSex/LoveSounds released. And it looks as though he's doing everything from fashion, to working on other artists' albums, acting - everything but focus on his own music career. Too much fun not doing his own music, or cold feet?
I hope that the next time I do it, it doesn't disappoint. I know it's been a little while and will probably be a little while before I do it. I don't put any projections on it. I try not to because I think that would negate the joy of creating it.
I admire how Justin is going at his own pace though and not feeling like he needs to rush an album out. I guess that's the joys of having such a stable career and a fanbase which continues to grow with each song you put out. I'd love for him to work with The Neptunes again. Actually, I'd rather like Justin to reach out to just Chad Hugo, who is an absolute beast in the studio.

Justin is so much more tolerable out of music than in it. His stints on SNL, his acting gigs - I've liked him more in this domain than I ever have when he was plugging albums. I'm not sure why.

I like both of Justin's albums, but wasn't huge fans of them. I'm not waiting with baited breath on a new album, but at the same time I'm interested as to which direction he'll go in with it. He jacked Michael Jackson for his debut, and then Prince on his follow up. Who next!? Justin had been putting in some serious work writing and producing between FutureSex/LoveSounds and now; for artists such as Madonna, Chris Cornell, Ciara, T.I, his own signee Esmée Denters and Duran Duran. So it will be cool to hear if this influences his own music in anyway. I doubt it will. Given most of that shit he gave them sounded the same, and none of it aside from what he gave Esmée was all that great.

Timberlake hopes next album doesn't disappoint @ Yahoo (via ITN)


  1. He was great in The Social Network. He did an excellent job playing an asshole.

  2. ^ because he is one? lol He loves himself too much i just cant...

  3. uh oh....somebody better tell him to give christina a call and ask her what waiting this long to drop an album can do to you...

  4. I was slightly hinting at that future, lol.

    Although, of course I have no idea. But I've never really been a fan. He still did a great job in the movie, though.

  5. The only JT fan who frequents this blog? I feel like JT's just worn down from music. His FS/LS tour lasted a long-ass while, if I recall, and he's probably still coming down from having to perform "My Love" so many times.

    I don't feel as though the industry's completely missing something if JT's not pushing singles, but I do feel like pop music needs a push from someone like him, who can shift the paradigm again.

    As for who he'd work with? I don't want him to make an album with that Timbaland biter he writes with now. Tricky Stewart and Stargate were so 2009 (See Utada, Lionel Richie). Timbaland doesn't work with Danja anymore. The Neptunes again? Or, maybe JT could do it himself or with Matt Morris.


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