Music video: Ayumi Hamasaki - Virgin road

Music video: Ayumi Hamasaki / 浜崎あゆみ - Virgin road | Random J Pop

I wasn't even paying attention to the song, because I was too caught up in the video!

We've seen this Bonnie & Clyde-esque style video done many times before. But this was still enjoyable to watch. And marks as being one of Ayumi's better and more memorable videos after some recent missteps. The last video robot face did which hooked me this good was the one she shot for "Ballad".


FUTURESTARdelux said…
Yeah the song wasn't that interesting, there are far better songs on "L" like "Last Angel" which is amazing and unlike anything she's done in a while but i think it's the only song on "L" without a vid which is so annoying.

The video forf this is cool though and kept me hooked, she looked really nice and it was good to see her really smiling at the end which i havn't seen since "Lady Dynamite".