Music video: Chris Brown - Yeah x3

If Ke$ha and Katy Perry were to open their legs, wedge Calvin Harris' keyboard between their vagina's and use the powers of auto-tune and no talent to summon a wife beater - this song would be the result. But it will end up being a hit for Chris 'Take you down' Brown regardless purely because of its sound. Shit like this goes into the top 10 of singles charts with ease.

I often wondered if Chris would get his career back on track. But with the industry folk supporting him again, I think he's on the path to getting things back to how they were pre-Forehead beat down.

As much as I cannot stand the song, he did good with the video. The whole dancing around a Brooklyn-esque looking neighbourhood with ice cream trucks, kids and fire hydrants spraying water has been done to death. But Chris' dancing helps set this apart. The boy can just about sing. And he's a woman beating son of a bitch. But he can dance his ass off!