Music video: Ciara - Gimme dat

This video was a good 'un, but seriously swagger jacked. The one thing which is not up for debate is Ciara's dancing. She killed it with the moves as she always does. There is no chick in the game who can touch Ciara with the moves. Not one! But I couldn't help but notice the video was shot in the same damn warehouse that BeyoncĂ© p***y popped in for her "Diva" video, that much of the military style choreography was 'borrowed' from Janet's "Rhythm Nation" and that Ciara's look during the weird spectre dance near the end was Aaliyah straight up and down.

And ladies, if you walk into an area you shouldn't and a black man comes out from the shadows; just dance with him. It may save your life as this video shows. But keep away from dark warehouses just to be on the safe side. Chances are a black man in the shadows isn't there waiting because he wants to dance.

What is it with Ciara giving her music videos hot edits of her songs that shit all over the radio edits and album versions!? First "Like a boy", then "Ride", now this!

If only it were simple as A hot video = big chart success. "Work" had itself one fly ass video and we all know how blazin' that song was. But it bombed. I feel the same will happen with "Gimme dat" because Ciara's barely promoted it, the video took so long to drop and there was never any buzz around the song in the first place.


FUTURESTARdelux said…
Yeah the video was awsome especially the part when she was dancing with all those military men. I agree with you about the alternative edits too this is way hotter than the regular version and it's piss me off if i bought it and just had the s**t version.
I really hope "Basic Instinct" does better than "Fantasy Ride" but i know unless she promotes it won't, she doesn't seem to be given many oportunities to perform on TV which is sad because as long as she is dancing she will kill it.
Junlee said…
The video was definitely swagger jacked, but I still loved it. The dancing was on POINT!