Music video: Girls' generation - Gee (Japanese version)

The Japanese music video for "Tell me your wish (Genie)" shitted all over the Korean version because it had the girls looking much more sultry and grown. But the Japanese music video for "Gee" is just fail. It somehow manages to make the girls look even more juvenile and inept at keeping in time with one another during the dance routine - which looks nowhere near as catchy and as infectious as it does in the Korean version because of how its shot. The girls looked great in their little doll packages. It's a shame more wasn't done with those scenes.

I can't see these girls blowing up in Japan how fellow SM'ers BoA and the once upon a time Tohoshinki did because they come off so boring. But I could be wrong. SM are definitely going to have to come better than re-hashing their Korean singles though.

Cheers for the heads up on this video Sarah.


lilithdarkstorm said…
No problem, as always!
And music videos for SNSD never hold my attention for long, it's always been the infectious music. I have to admit the Japanese version has grown on me a bit more, but it's still the Korean version that is first point of call.