Music video: Girls' generation - Hoot

It still bothers me that SM can't seem to decide whether they want Girls' generation to be sex kittens or cute little under age dolls. But the girls looked nice. They still need to put on some damn weight though. The jumpsuits looked seriously baggy in all the wrong places. Especially on Sooyoung who looked like she was harbouring a grocery bag of shopping in her crotch.

I'm not keen on the song at all. It's no "Gee", "Tell me your wish (Genie)" or "Run devil run". But I at least like how the chorus sounds like it's actually being sung by the whole group and not 3 of the girls simply being layered. Although I bet it's probably the case.


lilithdarkstorm said…
OK I'll admit the chorus is catchy. But I feel so sorry for the men in their music videos, they just look so confused or useless compared to the rest of the video.
Random J said…
First SHINee's Minho in both the Korean and Japanese videos for "Gee", and now Super Junior's Siwon. Them featuring in the videos is just an easy way to get their fans to check out the video. Even if they don't do anything but walk around looking completely blank.