Music video: Kanye West - Runaway

There were moments of awesomeness in this video. But I'd be lying if I said I was captivated for the whole 35 minutes. There was no reason for this shit to be 35 minutes long. Then again there was no reason for Kanye to run up on stage and shit on Taylor Swift. It's just Kanye being Kanye.

For me it was all about the music, and I like what I heard. The new mix of "Power" was hot to death, upcoming single "All of the lights" sounds like a hit. The song is a banger and it has The Forehead on the hook, so of course it's going to tear up the charts on both sides of the Atlantic. "Blame game" sounds like a beauty of a song. And "Lost in the world" is a beast. Even if the beginning completely ripped of Imogen Heap's "Hide & seek".