Music video: Rihanna - Only girl (In the world)

Kelis called. She wants her "4th of July (Fireworks)" video treatment back.

The whole time I was watching this video I kept expecting The Forehead to whip out a happy meal, a McFlurry and a box of nuggets.


  1. Ugh... i think the Ronald Macdonald thing is tired now... Her hair looks cute especially in this video.
    I agree it is like Kelis's vid but that's mainly because they were both just basically fashion shots etc
    Rihanna looked cute in all her outfits although i think she has a lesbian crush on Avril Laveign or something, first she samples Avril on "Drink to This" and now she keeps wearing Tutu's with big boots lol

    P.S Well done Rihanna you gave the best side boob since "SOS" lol


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