Music video: Willow Smith - Whip my hair

This shit made me wanna hit an African salon and ask Bamidele to hook me up with some plaits and then hit up B&Q for some paint so I can whip my shit.

Willow was whippin' her hair like her Momma's career depended on it (which it does). And that girl in the red at the 3:20 mark was gettin' it! And KEPT gettin' it until the end of the damn video. Kids was throwing paper at her, and she kept on gettin' it.

It was cool to see big brother Jayden make an appearance too. Dude has more hair to whip than Willow. I know bitches in the game would kill to have his hair.

Willow has too much damn swagger for a 9 year old. The Forehead needs to watch her Ronald McDonald wig, because Willow's coming for that shit. She already has her Forehead spammed with a better lead single and a better video. Just watch how Willow's debut album makes Loud sound like garbage.


  1. Aside from the highly annoying chorus (which would only be appealing while drunk in a club, which creates the issue of playing a song by a 9 year old in the club), I just can't get down with a child singing about shaking haters off.

  2. ^ LOL i know, this is gonna be Lindsay Lohan all over again in 10 years :/

    The video was cool though and yes that teacher was whipping it left right and centre and willow had good weave thrashing technique too even better than Beyonce i think.

    BTW did anybody notice that at 0:12 on her Zipper it says "riri"? LOL O_O

  3. lindsay lohan...please!! will & jada will snatch her bald-headed if she ever gets into that kinda stuff!

    leiyomi (the girl in red and also the one in the white suit too) was KILLING IT!!!! she gave me soooo much life!

    mad good video, i'm intrigued to see what else she drops...

  4. That video was ON FIRE!!!!

    LEIOMY (the teacher) WAS KILLING IT as allways - she was whipping that WEAVE like there's NO tomorrow!!!

    J, never heard of her? (him?) --> coz he's/she's a transgender I think)...

  5. Did that girl just jeez from her hair? /gross mode


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