New Crystal Kay single "Journey" due in November

Crystal Kay is set to release a brand new single in November titled "Journey". This comes as a bit of a surprise. Especially given November is around the corner and there's no snippet of the song, a look at the single cover or even word of if a music video will be shot. But this is how it rolls with Crystal. You don't get to hear or see a damn thing until the single is already out. And with a release date of November 24, we still have a month a couple of weeks to go.

Crystal Kay also contributed  two songs for the J-drama Juunen saki mo kimi ni koishite: "Time of love" (which Crystal co-wrote) and "Cannonball". Both songs will feature on the official soundtrack when it releases on October 22.

I've been playing All yours to death as of late. 3 years on and that album still sounds spot on. "Konna ni chikaku de..." is just perfection, "Dream world" is hypnotizing, "Escalator" bangs like mad, and "I wanna be" puts half of the what the US R&B game released over the past 5 years to complete shame. I'm ready for a new Crystal album now, but already know we won't get one until 2011.


Nait Phoenix said…
YAY! CK news!!! CK songs!!! HAPPINESS ALL AROUND!!!
Unknown said…
J I feel you man. "All yours" is my all time favorite CK-Album. She and Hikki are the ones you can actually trust to put out solid music.

Although I love Kumi and Namie, they're sometimes pretty inconsistent. That's why my love for CK and Hikki is even bigger.
FUTURESTARdelux said…
I agree with Donnie _Darko1987 (Awsome film btw) Utada & CK are my 2 favourite Japanese singers i love their music, new Utada & CK songs i'm gonna overdose on amazing music lol

I hope CK has an English song on her new album because i am hooked on "Hold On" atm lol
Anonymous said…
Hold On is the new b-side rumour has it. Can't wait!
Random J said…
@ Donnie_darko1987:
That's Avex for you. Every artist on that label has an inconsistent discography. Yes. Even Ayumi Hamasaki. The quality of Hikaru Utada and Crystal Kay's music runs circles around half of what Avex throw out on a far too regular basis.

Quite a few of Crystal's albums have at least one song in English. ('Color change!' had two) So it's always likely.
brandon said…
New album, Spin the Music, in December.