Robot face set to release ANOTHER album in 2010

Ayumi Hamasaki already released an album 7 months ago, but that's not stopping her from releasing another on December 22. This is no remix album or a Best. We're talking another full length studio album! And to think how I joked that AvexTrax would probabaly have Ayumi Hamasaki release a new album by the end of the year because Hikaru Utada is dropping her hot shit in November. Ha!

Avex Trax are leaving no media format exempt, by releasing this album on SD cards and USB sticks, as well as the standard CD and CD + DVD formats, and a limited edition which comes with a photobook, posters and pretty much everything but Ayumi Hamasaki's pap juice in a bottle. Avex Trax will probably release the album on PASSMO cards, vinyl and select Softbank handsets too whilst they're at it.

The album cover and full tracklist are yet to be released. But the album will feature 15 songs in total, including the dozen singles Ayumi released over the past 3 months. Well, That's Ayumi sat at the number 1 spot on the Oricon charts for the holidays. And possibly nabbing a record for being the first non-Anglo female artist to have two albums go number 1 within the same year.


Anonymous said…
Ha Ha when I first heard the news about Avex Trax whore releasing a new album, the first thing I thought about was how spot on you were. Well, so much for Crystal Kay's album making a dent in the oricon charts. Once the 22nd of december hits Crystal's album will cease to exist.
FUTURESTARdelux said…
I think i might actually get this album because i've liked all the singles so far. I do think (sl)Avex need to give Ayu a rest because they arn't doing her any favours putting out so many albums. She needs to be putting an album out every 2 years or so like Namie and Utada which gives people time to miss you.
Judging from the low budget vids Avex acts have been getting (minus "virgin road") lately i think Avex are in need of some yen and pimping out the No1 cash cow is their plan? I doubt Ayu is even happy about this because i read that when Avex released her best of against Utada she wasn't happy about it and said it was "too soon".

P.S @Anonymous, i never thought that Crystal would have a No1 album with "Spin the Music" unless she comes with something that catches with the generap music buying public but she could still be in the top 3...
melvin R said…
@future star. I agree with you. I saw the track list for spin the music, and I was a little bit dissapointed. Three of the songs I've already heard and they were featured on some other album, and two others are english covers. That leaves a total of seven new and original songs, which is really not that many. I hope every single one of those songs is phenomenal. Journey seems okay, but from the short clip I heard it's nothing special. Hopefully when the full version comes out it will change my mind. Also, time of love sounds like a snore fest if you ask me. I'm happy that hold on is being released as a B side on journey; I've been waiting for the high quality version. Also, there's way too much competition right now for her with Utada and Ayumi releasing new material. I love how Avex Trax is always trying to compete with Utada, even though Utada always manages to come out on top.
FUTURESTARdelux said…
@Marvin,i havn't seen the "STM" trachlist yet, i agree "Time of love" doesn't really do it for me but i love "Journey" it sounds like it's gonna be awsome, if her label puts some propper money into her vid (maybe something like "Motherland") then she could have a hit and the album too.
As for (sl)Avex they shoot themselves in the foot, by forsing Ayu to release 1 (or 2) albums a year they're taking away the fans eagerness because they know there's gonna be annother album just around the corner.
Utada will be No1, Ayu No2 and hopefully CK No3.
Melvin R said…
here is the Spin the music track list
1. Journey ~Kimi to Futari de~ (Journey ~君と二人で~; Together With You)
2. After Love -First Boyfriend- feat. KANAME (CHEMISTRY)
3. Konya wa No.1 (今夜はNo.1; Tonight Is No.1)
4. Kimi ga Ireba (君がいれば; When You're Here)
5. Time of Love
6. I pray
7. Goodbye
9. Hands up
11. Thank You For Talkin' To Me Africa
12. I'll be there
Random J said…
@ Melvin R
I'm not going to say a WORD...yet...
Beruda said…
I like Ayu but the last album I purchased by her was Guilty. Lately everything sounds like stuff she's done previously especially these new songs.
As always I hope for the best for Crystal but it depends what else will be out at that time. Unfortunately there will be some tired ass songs that have nothing special about them that will probably chart better than what she puts out. It seems no one is pushing many units besides AKB48 for some ungodly reason. But I think the album will be in the top 20 at least.
Melvin R said…
I don't like Ayu at all. I've never liked her, and I always found her music annoying. Also, There's nothing special about her voice. I feel like her talent lies in writing songs and producing music. It seems like in Asia groups of talentless, robotic bitches with no rhythm are the only ones selling.
Beruda said…
@Melvin R

"groups of talentless, robotic bitches with no rhythm are the only ones selling"

To true, to true.
FUTURESTARdelux said…
LOL i like Ayu's voice it reminds me of Enka or something, i think the reason her stuff isn't up to her old standard in because Avex are pimping her out so much that everything is rushed and doesn't have as much energy put into it. I have to be fair i do like "Moon", "Crossroad" and "Virgin road" so i might get it but Avex need to give her at least a year off that way when she comes back with an album it's an occasion and not boring so much, it's the same with Kumi now i only see the old her when she's on tour performing otherwise she is as tired as Ayu.

I think CK will definately be in the top 3-4 in the album chart but unless she gets a hit she won't be hanging around on the chart for too long.
Anonymous said…
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