Ronald McDonald's ho debuts performances on SNL

The Forehead made an appearance on Saturday night live where she tortured the audience with 2 songs from her forthcoming album Loud. Already it's looking like this album will probably under-perform like hell as her shit always does - despite being whored in the media daily for a solid 2 weeks before her albums drop. But the singles will burn up charts up and down the lands, regardless of how awful the live performances are. Sadly there was no "Who's that chick". But we got "What's my name?", which is a decent song and got a not so sucky live offering.

Only Klingon (In the world)

What's my name?

The live arrangements of "What's my name?" sound hot. I prefer this version to the album one tenfold because it pops more and elevates it from sounding like a variation of "Te amo"...a little bit.

"Only Klingon (In the world)" was a damn mess though. Yes bitch, we heard you mumble incoherent nonsense during that "Prisoner in the night" line twice, because you forgot the lyrics. And the effect on your microphone did not make your vocals sound any better. Mess. Both sound and looks. I know it's Halloween, but Damn. There was no need to swagger jack Kanon Wakeshima.


  1. LOL the "What's my name" was ok actually but "Only Girl in the world" OMG my ears are bleeding! lol
    She did do better on X Factor though lol
    You shoulda posted the skit she did with "Shy Ronnie" that was f*****g funny lol


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