Sneaky snippet: Crystal Kay - Cannonball

Crystal Kay - Cannonball | Sneaky snippet
Crystal Kay contributed 2 songs to the J-drama Juunen saki mo kimi ni koishite, and this is a snippet of the ending theme "Cannonball". Once again Crystal switches up her shit slightly.

Listen: Cannonball

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I really like this song. It's on the same pop tinged rock vibe that "Namida no saki ni" was on. Crystal's voice sounds nice over the music (as it always does). Plus it's really cool hearing Crystal experiment with her sound. After years of playing it safe, I guess Crystal got bored.


  1. I like it, it is continuing the new style CK's been using lately i can't wait to hear the full song and the other one.
    At times the background music sounds like New Order's song "Age of Consent" ^_^

  2. If Japanese producers are trying to obtain that R&B-goes-Contemporary sound, they should really listen to producers who have done it well... Midi Mafia come to mind.

    The drums just sound weak to me. They're too fast for no reason. Slow it down... then use a pad, add a snare in, or something.


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