Stills from The Forehead's "Only girl (in the world)" music video

The Forehead must have felt the burn from those Rated R sales. She clearly couldn't afford a good weave or a decent wig; and resorted to borrowing one of the ragged ass wigs that her assistant Melissa was rocking 2 years ago.

I can't say I'm looking forward to the music video for "Only girl (in the world)". The Forehead's videos are never big deals. This video is directed by regular Forehead collaborator Anthony Mandler, which means there will be fit inducing edits and light trickery going down.

Aaaaaaand...I still cannot stand the song. The chorus is so f**king awful, but the verses are blazing. I don't know what Stargate were thinking when they decided to ruin the verse hotness with the fail that is the beat on the chorus. I really cannot stand it. Whenever I listen to the song I just skip back before the chorus kicks in. I hate it that much.

Rihanna enjoys her own company in "Only Girl" video stills... @ Toya's world (via This is RnB)