Christina hops aboard the "Express"

Christina has already tossed aside Bionic (as most of us and every retailer worldwide did) and is going full steam ahead with her film Burlesque, its soundtrack and the lead single from it: "Express". Here's a clip of Christina working it out to the Tricky Stewart produced cut.

"Express" sounds like a jam! The second the bassline came in, I was hooked! If Chrissy dropped a song like this instead of that "Not myself tonight" crap, things may have fared better. Although, a bitch can't win these days. And some probabaly would have said it sounded too much like a song from Back to basics. Plus, it was the horrendous promotion for Bionic which killed it more than anything else. Regardless, "Express" sounds tighter than half of the uptempo's on Christina record breaking flop. Chances are Christina's contributions to the Burlesque soundtrack will sound better than most of Bionic anyway. Not that it's a difficult prospect. The majority of that album was complete trash. No stan will admit it, even though in their heart they know Christina could and should have come MUCH better with that album.


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