Crystal Kay's "Journey" features in some dry ass commercial

I don't know when Epic records are going to realize this shit does not help. Having Crystal Kay's songs feature in coffee commercials did nothing for her sales before. So I don't know why they think some slow ass ballad in a commercial which has some woman on a carousel is going to have her blow up come the end of the year. Especially when she's not even featuring in the commercial herself. At least when Ayumi Hamasaki's p***y is being pimped in commercials she's at the forefront so people know who the f**k is running things. Half of Japan won't know or care about who is singing the song in this commercial, despite how distinct Crystal's voice is.

Crystal is going to need more than this to scrape into the top 10 on the Oricon chart. Especially with Ayumi Hamasaki dropping her Love songs album on the same day as Crystal's Spin the music. Chances are Avex will have Ayumi sneak in a single for the end of November too, just to try and f**k up Hikaru and Crystal's shit in one go. Although I doubt Crystal Kay even registers on Ayumi's radar with her low ass album sales and lack of hits.

"Journey" sounds nice from the preview, but I'll need to hear it in full before making any full judgement. What I will say though, is that Crystal has not hit me with the triple A goodness of a single in a good while. The last single she dropped that I went mad for and was in complete love with was "One". No single she's released since has had me as sprung.

I want Spin the music to be that crack, but I'm having doubts. Hopefully Crystal will surprise us all.

A big thank you to Luke (aka FUTURESTARdelux) for throwing this my way. I have an e-tin of Quality streets and a bottle of Jack waiting for ya buddy!


  1. I was thinking the same thing. She could have been featured in a commercial. Being a part of a skin care line is a hella of a lot better than coffe, but this commercial sucked dick.

  2. eh... at least she's getting some yen lol

    Actually i really love the sound of this song and it's grabbed me more than anything she's done since "One" (except "Hold On" which i love also) and i have a feeling that EPIC are gonna pull more stops than usual with "Spin the music". It seems to me that they either need to pull their fingers out and throw some serious money into CK or she's gonna continue making great music but her sales will keep sliding because nobody knows what she's doing.

    She did tweet that the video was gonna be "so dramatic" so i'm crossing my fingers.

    P.S yes gimme that Bottle of Jack and the green triangle chocolates! lol ^_^

  3. @FUTURESTARdelux
    You're living under all of the weave pieces Kumi Koda has worn over the course of her career if you think Epic / Sony are going to pull anything but dust out for Crystal's new album. Her shit will fall out of the Oricon charts so fast that we'll wonder if she even released anything. Hikaru Utada and Ayumi Hamasaki releasing around her will pretty much kill her shit dead. Even on a good day, Crystal struggles to push units.

    I think Epic are hoping she's pull an 'All yours' and hit #1 around the holiday season. But Ayumi's 'Love songs' will see damn well to that not happening.

  4. @Random J I have to agree with you! Epic has never gave the chick fair game when it came to promoting her music. Her music is TEN TIMES better than half the shit out there in the music scene right now, but Crystal always manages to come up short. I wish she would sign to a different record label, or do a collabration with Utada (my dream...lmao) or something to make her ass known, because right now I'm pretty sure Japan is saying Crystal who? I'm surprised Epic is even allowing crystal to release another album after color change flopped. Crystal's going to have to chuck some of her Flash mini-albums-that didn't seel and are collecting dust in the Epic stock room-at Ayumi and knock her ass down a few places on the Oricon Charts. The only things being pulled out of the dust are I pray, Flash, and after love because Epic is hoping they can whore those songs out a little bit more and make up for the money they lost in making that flash video. I still have high hopes for Crystal though.

  5. @Melvin R, the only good thing about EPIC is that they keep letting her make albums...
    "Color Change" did go Gold though and the greatest hits album did better too so hopefully when people listen to that they remember how great she is and pick up her new album.

    A part of me wishes she'd sign with Avex just because i know they would pimp her out like nobody's business and give her some top flight video's and stuuf but i know that as soon as she's doing well they will crush her spirit :( there must be a label that is somewere in the middle...

  6. cant wait for this album....
    @FUTURESTARdelux agree ck should go avex but they might overwork her .. i like wen she brings a album then despairs, makes me wanna buy wat she brings out next

  7. IMO her music wouldn't be half as good if she went to Avex. Looking forward to the new album as always.

  8. @FUTURESTARdelux What about Utada's label Toshiba EMI?? I don't know any other big acts from that label, but they do a nice job with Utada (promotion wise), and they obviously don't overwork her. But then again her manager is her father, so that gives her the freedom to do as she likes.

    @Beruda I agree with you!! I know that Avex knows how to whore out their bitches and make them the top grossing hoes in the game, but that also means skimping on albums and singles.I feel like Crystal deserves more success, but I'm afraid that with that success the quality of her music will decline.

  9. Yeah i agree with @MelninR, EMI would be awsome (the seem to be better in Japan than the douches they are here). The problem is that she's been at EPIC since she was like 13 so she probably feels like it would be leaving your family or something...
    I hope they do SOMETHING for her this time around because i need her to at least go platinum, releasing "Journey" at Christmas may be a good idea, onbiously Ayu will be No1 if she drops a single but CK can be No2.

  10. Crystal Kay... do a Christmas album. Like, 10 tracks. That's all I ask. I know you love Joe, and he's on an independent label now, so that's a collabo I'd love to hear. And I hear Danja's rates are good if you get him to produce the whole album.

    Matter of fact, just sign with Danja... he's got a deal with Jive Records now. You and Kevin Cossom will do ultimate damage to American R&B in 2011. Forget about Japan. We'll treat you right. Granted, you'll have to put out a mixtape like JoJo, but buzz doesn't come free. We'll get those Gangsta Grillz guys to design the cover, and you'll wonder why your Japanese team couldn't do better. And, SMACKABITCH if you ever hear anyone comparing you to Amerie.

    Just sing (behind Danja's beats), and we'll have you on Ellen in no time.

    ... Oh, you mean this WASN'T the Crystal Kay Wishlist post? Damn. I guess that means More Blue Christmases for me.


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