Crystal Kay's official Spin the music tracklist is revealed. I am disappoint.

I was sent links to the tracklist for Crystal's Spin the music album a week ago. But I was hesitant to post it, as there were not enough sources to back up its authenticity, and her official website has not posted it. But it turns out the track list which has been floating around is legit. I think I was partially in denial. Hoping the tracklist I was being pointed to were fake due to how overwhelmingly old the tracklist actually seems...

  1. Journey ~Kimi to futari de~
  2. After love -First boyfriend-
  3. Konya wa No.1
  4. Kimi ga ireba
  5. Time of love
  6. I pray
  7. Goodbye
  8. Love or Game
  9. Hands up
  10. Flash
  11. Thank you for talkin’ to me Africa
  12. I’ll be there

Unless the 6 songs (5 if it turns out that "I'll be there" is a Jackson 5 cover) we've not heard in any form are seriously killer, I can see this album being pretty dry. Because I'm not bang in love with what I've heard from this album so far. I loved "Flash" and I liked "I pray". But why have them feature on a full length studio album when they featured on a mini album 5 months ago!? Epic records may as well have not bothered releasing Flash and chucked all 4 songs on this album if they weren't going to cough up new-new material.

In Japan, an album is preceded with lots of singles and songs months before its release. So, when an artist in the J-music game releases an album, you've heard half of it already. Therefore, this being the case with Spin the music is nothing new. But the fact that Crystal's not promoted or appeased fans with videos to half of these 'old' songs just makes me roll my eyes, and makes them seem even older than they actually are. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that I did not expect a year old song, and tracks from Flash on this new album.

"After love -First boyfriend-" has no damn reason being on this album. Especially when greatness such as "Hold on" is being swept under rugs and thrown as a B-side to a single that nobody will buy. I don't know why Epic even bothered having Crystal record anything new. They may as well have f**ked the 6 new songs and put "Over and over", "Private dancer", "Helpless night", "Girlfriend" and "Love don't cry" from M-Flo's Cosmicolor on the damn thing instead and called it a day.

Epic actually may as well have had Crystal put out a Christmas album. "Journey ~Kimi to futari de~" sounds like a typical winter single which could pass as a Christmas single. "After love -First boyfriend-" sounds as Christmassy as f**k. And the Spin the music album cover has Crystal wrapped up like she's about to go ride a sleigh to the North pole.

I really am sick of moaning about how Epic and Sony need to pull their finger out when it comes to Crystal. Spin the music will sell as many copies as there are tracks on the CD. Home girl will be spinning the music so far down the Oricon charts that nobody will be able to hear it.


  1. LMFAO My thoughts exactly. I was so pissed when I found out that After Love was being featured on the album. Not only is that song old as fuck, but it's dry as hell. It sounds as though Christmas vomited all over that song. I like the songs I pray and Flash, but not enough to buy them twice. Crystal needs to spin her way back into the studio and record some new songs. Crystal doesn't have the fan base to release old ass singles. She would have been better off putting out another mini-album, but then again if she did that it would have sold like two copies.


  3. My proposal still stands: Move to America and sign with Danja... 2011 is yours if you want it.

  4. LOL @Frederic sounds like a pimp.

    Come in CK, you've been recording FOR EVER and you come up with that many new songs? gurrl.
    I'm gonna need to see a good music vid... The album cover is hot at least.
    I'm definately getting the album.

  5. Well I stand by my girl :) ( I know we all do). Anyway I'll reserve judgement until I hear the whole album. Thank you for talkin’ to me Africa
    has piqued my interest since I saw on her site that its a song by Yellow Magic Orchestra ( at least she can't be faulted for naming the song).
    I am glad to be able to get Hold On though, and I might like Journey too. I can't judge a song from a 30 second clip. I still want to hear Cannonball, I can't find it anywhere, hot mess or not :).

  6. music video for journey


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