Forehead Fenty warbles on Good morning America

The hair just gets worse and worse. Yes, she finally ran a hot iron through that red shit. But it still looks wrong to me. I know I'm probably the only person who is not feeling The Forehead's red hair. It's not even the colour I have beef with, because the colour suits the bitch. It's just the styles (or lack of) that her ragged red wigs get put in.

And what the f**k is she (or isn't she) wearing!? This ho needs to have somebody go upside her head...again.

Peep her stale as 2 month old crusty bread performances after the jump.

Only Klingon (in the world)

What's my name?

I'm officially done with "Only girl (in the world)". I can't stand the song any more. And whilst I do like "What's my name?", there's no skirting around the fact that it is a copy and paste job of "Rude boy" with a more subdued sound. And to cap it all off, none of Forehead Fenty's live performances of the songs do them any justice what-so-ever. She sounded better here than she did on SNL. But she still has that strained crustiness in her voice which just turns me off and disengages me. She needs to take notes from Willow.


  1. I agree, hair looks like crap. I realize that its not supposed to look "natural" however the color should flatter her face, and it dosen't.
    Now the way Crystal worked it, that's flattering.


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