The Minogue sister with the actual career appears on The X-Factor

Kylie appeared on The X-Factor, just to make her younger sister Dannii look more redundant; and remind people which of the Minogue's actually matters. It's a shame she picked such a crap song to make the statement with though. Perhaps Danni asked Kylie to tone it down, because "Get outta my way" is too much of a pop radio banger. That said, Kylie's debut performance of "Better than today" had more energy, choreography and swagger than any of her "Get outta the way" performances. Figures.

Aphrodite is going to get done like X isn't it? One really strong single which flops commercially, sandwiched between a bunch of bad single choices, despite the album having such great offerrings. "Better than today" sounds like a Scissor sisters rip-off and is one of the weakest songs on Aphrodite. Kylie should be dropping "Too much" or "Put your hands up". Not this drippy crap that even a gay would have to think twice about singing along to.

I cannot believe how bad Kylie's single choices have been since Fever. If "Too much", "Put your hands up" and "Can't beat the feeling" are not made singles, then somebody at Parlephone hates a bitch.


  1. I would actually work the streets selling my candycandy on christmas eve and do a double shift the following morning to afford those shoes. ahh!

    the little wobble was cute, nice touch kyles.

  2. LOL yeah that wobble was so cute, she looked awsome (but drop the botox bxtch!) the bit when the smoke cleared as so fxckin fierce! (i don't usually say that btw) lol :P

    I actually like this song and think it'll be a supprise hit but after this she needs to get back on the grind with them A game tracks.

    P.S J, you been out and slapped 12 random people? that's what you said you were gonna do if "Get outta my way" didn't hit No1 lol

    P.P.S @Devada haha she has those shoes in Gold and black too! #DIVA


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