Music video: Kylie Minogue - Better than today

Cute video. It was pretty much like her X-Factor performance, without the stumble. I know guys and girls were peeping Kylie's shoe game, which has been on lock down since she dropped "All the lovers". Bitch don't play with the heels.

"Better than today" is one of the weakest songs on Aphrodite for me. It sounds too much like a Scissors sisters joint, and there are a bunch of other songs on the album which I felt should have gotten the single treatment instead. Then again, I don't think it matters much at this point. Aphrodite's sales have tailed off so badly after a pretty strong start. I'd still love for "Put your hands up (if you feel love)", "Too much" and "Can't beat the feeling" to be singles though, as they're hot songs which are on that Kylie tip everybody loves. Then again we all thought the same about "Get outta my way" and that song performed like shit on the charts. So I guess Parlephone may as well play Russian roulette with the singles.


  1. I like the vid it's cute and i don't think a Glam vid like "ATL" or "GOMW" would have suited this song, this does sound like a scissor sisters song but i like it and hope it doesn't flop.
    Seriously why arn't people buying Aphrodite?! hopefully when the tour kicks off and people hear the songs they'll pick the album up and you know Kylie's tours sell OUT lol

  2. The problem with Aphrodite is that they really had no hell of a proper direction what the album was suppoused to sound.

    Kylie decided to choose All The Lovers as the lead track, because it had the Euphoric pop sound.

    However, the problem was that it was the last song recorded.

    If All The Lovers was recorded earlier, I'm pretty sure they would have scrapped a bunch of other songs and lots of them would have had the same direction as All The Lovers, this airy, trance, euphoric sound which would have worked well since no one mainstream has been doing that since forever.

    What ended up happening is that All The Lovers is suppoused to represent the album as a whole, but then not really since you've got songs that sound like it was in a completely different direction they were going for.

    Nevertheless I enjoy Better than Today and GOMW, and All The Lovers.

    It would have been better though if the sound of the whole album was similar to that of All The Lovers, this Euphoric pop - it's a grower.


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