Single art: Crystal Kay - Journey ~君と二人で~

I want somebody to try and tell me that this is not album cover material. This shits all over the Spin the music album cover. It isn't even up for debate. Crystal looks stunning, even though she clearly got haul-assed through Adobe Photoshop.

Crystal should send a tweet to The Forehead: This is how you rock red hair with slickness and sass. Although I'm sure The Forehead would tweet back: Bitch, I am how you get hits. Where urs at!?

I'm now officially in love with "Journey". It's not the single I was hoping for. And Crystal will struggle to have a hit with it unless she starts whoring herself out in some magazines and chaining herself to the Music station stage. But it is a hot song, with a solid music video.


  1. This is what I'm talking 'bout. FINE! Mmmhmm!

  2. Lovely, just lovely.

  3. This is a lot better than the spin the music album cover. Those eyes mmm.... lol

  4. Is it just me or do Crystal Kay's album covers need a splash of text? Crystal Kay can't get away with that Utada no-name-on-the-cover shit. Why do you think her label started consistently putting her name on her albums after almost seventeen?

    I'm not gonna lie, though, that gaze of Kuri's speaks for itself. I wish I could get that posterized 75cm x 75cm and hang it right above my bed.

  5. This cover is hot i gotta admit and it would make a great cover but i'm in the minority that actually like the album cover too lol


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