Willow whips hair on Ellen and puts bitches careers in jeopardy

Willow gave her debut performance on Ellen. I couldn't think of a better debut stage for little Willow. And boy did she make that shit count. I'm still in shock and how this girl has managed to muster so much damn swagger at the age of 9. Father being Will Smith and mother being Jada Pinkett aside, a 9 year old should not be swaggin' how Willow is. It's plain stupid. Watch this girl whip her hair and make veteran bitches look redundant in the process.

Somebody needs to tell The Forehead bye. And tell Ciara the same whilst they're at it. Oh wait, Willow just did with this performance! She made The Forehead's shamble spectacles on SNL and The X-Factor look even more of a mess. Willow's swagger and vocal game was on point. She sounded better than she does on the album version, hitting higher notes and shit. Willow is that chick. She's whippin' hair and sniping bitches. I want that debut album.


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