Album arts: Ayumi Hamasaki - Love songs

This woman's face in just makes me shake my head. She looks like a doll or a charicature each and every time. I know it's what she's going for, and is a huge contributing factor to her mammoth success, her endorsement deals and followers outside of Japan. It panders to that typical Japanese anime style: Big eyes, doe face and weirdly pursed mouth look that the Otaku can't get enough of. I personally think it looks horrendous. But if it continue to print a bitch some money...

I'm not keen on these covers at all. They seem too artificial. Although the CD edition variation of the artwork is somewhat bearable because it looks like it has a fleck of genuineness to it and Ayumi looks nice. The CD + DVD edition cover can go burn. That mouth. Jeebus...


  1. The one with her smiling is actually pretty, I like it a lot. The other one is HIDEOUS.

  2. I was thinking the same as you, the cd only version is actually okay, it's the closest thing to natural you can get from her. But the other covers.... lady, just shut your god-damn mouth already!


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