BoA's back in Japan, being pimped by headphones

BoA does not come off of that grind for anything. Dead relative. Bankruptcy. Relationship troubles. Pssccch! Ain't no thang!! BoA keeps it moving all day, every day.

Fresh from her Korean comeback, BoA has once again opened her legs for Japan and is proceeding to let Avex whore her out again. Her new Japanese release "I see me" is being used in Audio technica commercials, and she features in the TV spots. It looks like the blonde do may be here to stay for a tad longer. Them roots are crying out for peroxide. Crying!

BoA's "I see me" will be rush released in December - when it seems half of the female population in Japan will be releasing something.


  1. BoA needs to take a break!! Avex really loves whoring out their top grossing hoes during the holiday season.

  2. I think the blonde hair actually suits her. Hey, at least she makes a better blonde than Amerie.

    Now I'm not saying that BoA's Korean or 'American' music was exactly original, but I wish her Japanese music were anywhere close to being that exciting. Why do avex always insist on a quota of yawns from pretty much all their artists on every album? They find a sound that suits the artist, and then they dilute it and throw in a whole bunch of by-the-numbers ballads while they're at it. I'm sick of BoA's crappy Japanese mid-tempos. And why can't Koda Kumi, who rarely fails to make a hot dance song even hotter, just release a consistent hot album? Enough of the dry ballads please...

    If you're going to make a ballad, at least put some thought into it. Stop with the "winter ballads" thing. Yeah, we heard pretty much the same song last winter too, and the one before that... [rant over]

  3. LOL poor BoA... i bet she's hooked up introvenusly to a constant supply of Starbucks frappuccino's...
    As long as Avex give her some GOOD material and she is feeling it then i'm down for it but if it's just more trash like "Woo Weekend" then they may aswell just let the girl have a lay in :P

    I actually like the blonde on her too and i've seen her roots far worse LOL i hope she keeps the cool image she has been rockin in Korea too, trust Sl(Avex) to have her evacuated from Korea just as the bombs go off LOL

  4. @Tom: Koda's newest single is going to be a "solid dance track" :D

  5. @Ming, PLEAAAAASE let it be something like "Taboo" that was THE ACTUAL SHIT, kumi's "Toxic" imo that is my favourite Kumi track to this day.


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