Diddy Doo-doo Money stank at Jimmy Kimmel live

"Ass on the floor" is the best single to come off of Last train to Paris, by far. I wish I could say Diddy Dirty Money did justice with their live performance of the song, but I'd not witnessed a trampling so bad since Mufasa's last moments in The Lion king.

This performance was about as good as the content of one's ass all over the damn floor. Mess. Doo-doo money were singing live, but they may as well have just mimed, seeing as their microphone levels were so low and their pre-recorded vocals just drowned them out. Of course Diddy's mic levels were as loud as ever.

I love "Ass on the floor". It's one of my favourite songs from Last train to Paris. But this performance made me not like the song at all for a hot minute.

I read somewhere that Kalenna is 23. It has to be lies. Bitch looks older than Mary J. Blige.


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