Girls' generation look under fed on Music station

Girls' generation have been enjoying a nice amount of popularity in Japan. Not surprising. Any act SM exports to Japan does well because they bombard the country with them until they have no choice but to put up with them and spend money on them. The girls all hit up Music station's big Christmas blow out to woo the crowd with the they-don't-have-shit-on-the-Korean-originals versions of "Gee" and "Tell me your wish (Genie)". I say woo. But it was more like walk around a stage and snapping fingers to a really loud backing track.

Tell me your wish (Genie)


These performances were weak. The poor girls' were looking malnutritioned and on the verge of hospitlazation before they even signed a Japanese record deal. But now SM entertainment have these girls printing Yen, they look haggered the f**k out. The Genie leg was not poppin' how it was when these bitches were doing it in South Korea. And what the hell have they done to Sunny's hair!? They burnt out Jessica's scalp with the peroxide, now they wanna fry out Sunny's shit too?! Wrong as hell.

I'm not feeling either of these songs in Japanese what-so-ever. But I still stan for the originals. "Tell me your wish (Genie)" just continues to sound hotter and hotter to me the more I hear it. And well...we all know how we feel about "Gee". Girls' generation will never drop a song that catchy and so parody worthy again.


  1. you can't think that Sunny short platinum blonde hair is a cute wig, and then hate her long strawberry blonde hair, it's adorable okay.


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