Hikaru Utada "Can't wait 'til Christmas" in her festive Pepsi nex commercial

Pepsi are not done pimping Hikaru just yet. As they've gone all festive with their new commercial which features the star herself and the most fitting of songs. If you listen closely, you can hear the sounds of money printing directly into Hikaru's bank account.

Hikaru looks nice. She's working that jacket and them boots. But I can't stand her hair. It looks like she got caught in heavy snow fall, and left that shit to just soak into her hair and freeze it. Perhaps that was the whole idea. After all, she is standing outside in snow up against a giant chilled Pepsi bottle.

"Can't wait 'til Christmas" is one of my favourite songs from Hikaru's second single collection. So I'm stoked it got chosen to feature in a commercial. This is sure to help her flog a few extra hundred copies of an album which was always going to sell well anyway.


  1. ha ha she is definitely getting that money. Every single new song on the Singles Collection is feaqtured in something. Crystal's promoting staff need to take notes. This is one of my favorites from the new album too, but show me love is my number one favorite.

  2. don't mention Crystal i'm still mourning the early theath of "Journey ~Kimitofutaride~"...

    *Flies to Japan, breaks into Crystals house, rips up her record contract and drags her to EMI Japan*

    I like this song, for some reason i thought it was gonna be some cory s**t LOL dunno why, but it's awsome (of course).
    What is it with the Japanese and these huge bottles of coke?

    BTW J you better do a post on Utada's concerts! lol


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