Mariah does it big at her ABC Christmas special

Powerhouse vocalist. Emphasis on the world house. Mariah looks HUGE! They probably had to crane lift a bitch onto the stage! She looks really cute though. The extra junk all over Mariah's trunk is working for her and making her glow. It's affecting Mariah's wardrobe though. I've not seen her rock anything other than those mini skirt moo-moo's with the frill. Bitch must have them in every cut and colour known to man. Black. Red. Red with a frilled hem. Red with a pleated hem. A limited edition Christmas version. Mariah is keeping it moving with the mini moo-moo's.

Her promo for Merry Christmas II you has been pretty serious. Memoirs of an imperfect angel wishes it got it this good!

I was expecting Mariah's new Christmas album to suck. But it's actually a rather nice album. Mariah masterfully covers Christmas classics, instead of trying to do them in a contemporary fashion and ruin them. And the original songs are all nice affairs too. It's great to hear Mariah singing over orchestral style, balladry backdrops again - as she's not done as such since "Never too far" on Glitter.

I've been playing "Oh Santa!" to death over the past week. Mariah, you got me! Suckered.


  1. Even pregnant, she can't resist showing massive boobage. Some is ok but this is to much. I guess that's supposed to distract ppl from the tummy but what's the wrong with the tummy it's great ;)


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