Miming Mimi at large at Disney world

Mariah wants everybody to buy her Christmas album bad. I'm talking REAL bad. I've not seen Mariah hustle like this for a record in a good while. She must really want to stash that money for them kids. Somebody has to. Because Nick Cannon sho' as hell ain't bringing in the big paper. With all of these TV specials Mariah's been putting in, she's making her n***a look lazy.

Miming Mimi looked tired as hell. Trust her to go and pick a Christmas album to promote to the North pole and back, and do it when she's carrying two sets of twins. Seriously. Titties and children f**king her up from the front must be doing damage to that back of hers.

This performance was awesome. Mariah didn't do a damn thing. Shoot...she barely sang. But the spectacle on the stage made everything work. Ballet dancers, cheerleaders and Glee club dudes all p***y popping outside Cinderella castle. Gotta love it. The only thing that could have made this better would have been if Cinderella rolled up in her pumpkin wagon thingy and started grinding up and down the side of it.


  1. LOL i wish she promoted memoirs like this with some better single choices and videos...
    Hopefully she'll have her babies, lose weight, leave DEATHJAM and come back with an album promoted as well as "The Emancipation..." with single choices and slick vids like that album had.


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