Miming Mimi does her Christmas shit on TV

Mariah's Christmas album is getting an unprecedented amount of promotion. The album went from being a bit of a joke, to a really big deal. Neither of Mariah's last two albums got it this good. Bitch even got herself an ABC special! Miming Mimi is a hustler. Check out her performance of "Oh Santa!" after the jump.

The lighting guys should get a damn award. They managed to put an A-grade black out Mariah when she was on the stage the whole time. I didn't even notice she was there!

I'm not sure what pregnancy has done to Mimi's vocals, but they sound better than they did before. That whistle was still on some pitch corrected ish. And some of those ad libs towards the end were straight backing tracked. But overall she sounded good. Let's see if she can still maintain the vocals once she pushes out those twins and has them sucking the life out of her titties day and night.


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