Music video: A.I featuring Snoop Dogg - Let it go

Well...check Snoop out; doing his thing on the Japanese music scene. A.I's always been one of the more Western driven artists in the J-game, so this collaboration shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. Plus, Snoop Dogg will feature on anything these days. His gangsta days were roadkilled indefinitely the second he agreed to appear on Katy Perry's "California gurls". Although his shit was on its last legs long before then.

"Let it go" is a cool song. The verses suck, but the hook is hot. And the video was cool, although a bit more choreography would have been nice. I got tired of the vacant stares into the camera, watching A.I float around drunk in a kimono, and then work a ponytail badly. She clearly never took those notes from Beyoncé and Ciara about how you act a swagtastic ass bitch with a ponytail.


  1. What a terrible song. However I think this would do well on American top 40 radio because the same lyric is used throughout the entire song and it does have a good beat. Those seem to be the ony two things necessary for airplay on the radio these days.


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