Music video: Dirty money featuring Swizz Beats - Ass on the floor

Finally. A song where Dawn and Kalenna get some actual shine. And a Dirty money single I actually like! The video was great. I loved the concept, the girls looked great, the editing style was great and I loved how the whole thing was shot. I'm happy Dawn managed to find a wig that works for her. She looks like a sexy lady, and not somebodies Uncle Tolu how she did in those "Love come down" and "Hello, good morning" music video.

I was listening to Last train to Paris last night, and I have to say; it's not a bad album. The songs are good until Diddy opens his mouth and ruins them. He seems to believe that Dawn and Kalenna need him on songs, when that shit just isn't true. I wish Dawn and Kalenna all the best. Because once Diddy is done with this Dirty money shit, them bitches will be left by the side of some a road.


  1. I'm glad you like this song, J! And Yeah Yeah You Would! Two of my favs from the album. I would love it if you did a album review on this album & Basic Instinct!

  2. This song sounds lovely... I've been looking for something like this from Swizz since he did O.O.C. with Mariah. A Mariah album where he and Danja split production duties would be a dream.

  3. You're so right that the relative absence of Diddy made that song! I took a listen to Last Train after listening to it and thought it wasn't too shabby, but yes, those girls are going to be left fending for themselves once Diddy's onto something else.

  4. I didn't like this at first but this is my second play and it's pretty good. The video is awsome too and it's nice to see the girls getting some shine and Diddi kept down for as long as possible lol


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