Music video: Mariah Carey featuring Patricia Carey - Oh come all ye faithful / Hallelujah chorus

Mariah's hiding her pregnancy as good as she was hiding her titties during her Rainbow era. Why doesn't the bitch just show the belly? She looks cute! Embrace that shit!! Baby Jesus, Christmas and  mangers, and all that crap. It's crazy how she was willing to flaunt her ass and look like a beached whale in that mess of a "H.A.T.E.U" video. Yet, when she's with child, she's doing every damn thing she can do to hide that she's pregnant. Bitch please. We've seen you carrying extra weight and looking like Chief Wiggum before. I'll feel for Mariah once pregnancy starts f**king with her feet. Because she will not be able to rock heels, and we all know Mariah hates flats with a passion.

This video was corny as hell. But it was nice to both see and hear Mariah's mother handle her business. It's clear where Mariah gets her vocal chops from. I want Jermaine Dupri and Bryan Michael Cox to hook up with P-Holla and lace her operatic shit.

What are the odds that Mariah will dress as gracefully as her mother when she hits her age? As low as them titties drooped in that sling back top in the "Heartbreaker" video is what.


  1. AHHHHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!! you did not bust out with chief wiggum!!! i'm demolished!!!

    i wanna hear more from patricia! she has a LOVELY sound! mariah needs to take some notes so she can still sing at her mother's age, cause she sounds great!

    and did they autotune her whistle tone? i swear that's the highest i've ever heard it. it hurt my ears and i wasn't even listening through headphones... :/

  2. LOL *DEAD* at Chief Wiggum & the saggy "Heartbreaker" boobs, everytime is see that vid i'm like... "WHYYYYYY?!" LOL

    Love the song though and the whole album is really good actually. I think the whistle was autotuned because when i saw her sing in Brazil on youtube her voice had improved a lot (maybe due to the pregnancy) but she was unable to hit the whistle's as good as usual because of the baby.

    P.S i always wondered what Mariah's mother looked like lol I wish she and her sister would make up, it is Christmas soon...


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