Music video: Naoya Urata featuring Ayumi Hamasaki - Dream on

This whole video just reminded me of Madonna. The whole "Sorry" style dance off in the cage, the leading lady looking haggered with a fried out blonde do, tussling with some hot young star in his twenties. Still a hot video though. And the song is a bit of a banger too. Kudos to Ayumi for her first production and songwriting credit for another artist!


  1. DAYUM! this song is FIRE it's mad that this is the first song Ayu has done with annother artist, it's really good i like the way they kind of lay off each other vocally.
    The vid is cool but i think she needs to stop with the lip injections as she'scomming close to Lindsay Lohan territory lol
    But fair play she's only 32 hardly on Madonna's level of cradel snatching and innapropriate leg opening lol


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